Unpaid Overtime

You Earned Overtime. You Deserve to be Paid.

Employers often find creative ways to avoid the expense of overtime pay. Some common tricks include trading regular work hours for additional work time off the clock, having you work off the clock, or misclassifying your job as exempt from overtime laws.

California and federal overtime laws clearly state that hourly workers who put in more than 40 hours a week are entitled to overtime pay. Salaried workers, too, may be entitled to overtime pay if they can show that they work off-the-clock hours to meet their employers’ needs, or have been misclassified as exempt from overtime laws.

Don’t be afraid to step forward about unpaid overtime.

We know that workers are often afraid of retaliation for stepping forward to complain about unpaid overtime. Don’t be. You have the law on your side. Employers who retaliate against an employee for seeking to enforce wage-and-hour laws are subject to the toughest financial penalties. In addition, you can receive additional money for being the initiator of a class action lawsuit.

Are you the victim of unpaid overtime or any of these related Wage-and-Hour disputes?

  • Being expected to work off the clock
  • Missing meals and breaks
  • Trading extra hours for vacation or time off at a later date
  • Misclassification of your job position as exempt
  • Illegal wage deductions
  • Failure to accurately record wages and hours


Free Consultation- No Attorney Fees Unless You Recover Compensation

The litigation attorneys of Blumenthal, Nordrehaug & Bhowmik, in La Jolla, California, have an excellent record of helping workers fight for the unpaid overtime pay they deserve. We limit our practice to class action lawsuits on behalf of groups of employees at businesses that are accused of abusing or ignoring hourly and salaried workers’ rights.

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