Class Action: Weitz and Luxenberg vs. Lumber Liquidators, Inc.

April 15, 2015 -Weitz & Luxenberg, P.C. filed a class action lawsuit seeking to make Lumber Liquidators home improvements retailer pay restitution. Consumers who purchased certain brands of laminate flooring discovered later that it was found to emit high levels of formaldehyde – high enough to be potentially dangerous to their health. The class action contains allegations that the Toano, Virginia based home improvements retailer was aware of the problem (that the levels of formaldehyde being emitted were unhealthy and cancer causing) and purposefully concealed the information from consumers in order to continue selling their tainted product.

California air quality standards are the most stringent in the nation. Weitz & Luxenberg claim that Lumber Liquidators went so far as to advise their customers that the laminate flooring’s formaldehyde emissions met those extremely high air quality standards when they did not.

Six plaintiffs were named in the class action filed in Manhattan in federal court. The plaintiffs named were from 3 different states: Texas, New York and New Jersey. The suit seeks financial reimbursement from Lumber Liquidators to provide members of the class who bought the dangerous flooring with a full refund for their purchase price, and associated costs (installation, delivery, removal, etc.) It has also been requested that Lumber Liquidators pay damages (as permitted by the various states) in regards to false advertising and additional violations of a variety of other consumer protection statutes.

The class action lawsuit is a civil litigation device. When compared to criminal law, it’s important to note that civil law deals with private disputes. A private dispute is one in which one party accuses a second party of some type of injury and sues for damages that occurred as a result of that injury. Injury can come in many forms: physical, psychological, emotional, or financial. Class actions are most useful in cases where you alone would be David to the other party’s Goliath. If you alone attempted to sue a major “Goliath” sized company, it would be a painful process with slim chances for success. The class action lawsuit allows all the “Davids” to get together in one suit, which allows them to obtain a “Goliath” size lawyer to fight for their case; drastically increasing the chances for the “everyday Joe’s” chance of success against major corporations and massive organizations.  

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