Overtime Pay & Field Case Managers

Even if you are paid a salary, you still may be entitled to overtime pay


Norm Blumenthal Discusses Overtime Pay on Money for Lunch from Nicholas J. De Blouw on Vimeo.

Field Case Managers (“FCMS”) are often misclassified by employers in California and should be paid overtime wages. FCMs mostly engage in non-exempt tasks including reviewing client’s pre-injury positions, making appointments with the client’s doctors, communicating in-person and by telephone with clients, employers, medical providers, attorneys, insurance carriers and claims adjustors.

Employers often misclassify a field case manager employee as exempt to deprive that employee of legally required overtime pay. The employer is violating the law if the employee’s job duties do not meet the requirements of a particular exemption of the California Labor Code.

The reason that FCMs should be receiving overtime pay is because these employees use their RN training to coordinate care, act as intermediaries between patients, adjustors, and doctors and operate in a framework in which these employees do not exercise ultimate decision making power and as such do not fit under any of the California exemptions to overtime pay.

If you work as a Field Case Manager or Case Manager and are not being paid overtime, contact an experienced labor attorney today at Blumenthal Nordrehaug Bhowmik De Blouw LLP by calling (310) 981-3918.

If you are interested in learning more about why Field Case Managers are entitled to overtime pay, you can review two class actions that were previously filed by our firm on behalf of Field Case Managers by clicking the “Case Info” bar at the top of this page and then clicking “Court Docs.” The cases are entitled, Rieve v. Coventry Healthcare and Davis v. Genex Services.