Real Estate Appraisers

did your employer misclassify you?

Real Estate Appraisers

Real Estate Appraisers (“Appraisers”) are often misclassified by employers in California and should be paid overtime wages. Appraisers mostly engage in the non-exempt job task of generating real estate appraisals for banks offering mortgages for residential and commercial properties.

Banking institutions often misclassify Appraiser employees as exempt to deprive that employee of legally required overtime pay. The employer is violating the law if the employee’s job duties do not meet the requirements of a particular overtime exemption of the California Labor Code.

The reason that Real Estate Appraisers should be paid overtime wages is because these employees are essentially engaged in the production work of the banks they work for, they do not impact policy decisions or the direction of the banks’ business, are not in contact with loan officers or borrowers, Appraisers do not represent the banks to the public and ultimately operate in a framework in which these employees do not exercise ultimate decision making power and as such do not fit under any of the California exemptions to overtime pay.

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If you are interested in learning more about why Real Estate Appraisers are entitled to overtime pay, you can review a recent decision from a California Federal Court Judge that determined Real Estate Appraisers are entitled to overtime pay by clicking here:

The above lawsuit on behalf of Real Estate Appraisers ultimately settled before trial for $36 million.