Wage & Hour Claims

  • Unpaid Wages: Failing to pay employees all earned wages can lead to big lawsuits against companies. More >
  • Work Expenses: If your employer failed to reimburse you for all work related expenses you may have a valid wage claim.  . More >
  • Labor Law Breaks: Non-exempt hourly employees are required to receive a 30 minute meal break every 5 hours.. More >
  • Off the Clock: If you worked off the clock without pay you may have a valid wage claim against your company.  . More >
  • Vacation Pay: Our vacation pay lawyers have obtained over $8.5 million in vacation wages for employees. More >
  • Overtime Pay: Our wage attorneys have significant experience handling overtime pay claims. More >


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In many situations, the problem with wage and hour violations begins with employee misclassification. People entitled to overtime for hours exceeding 40 hours in a week are often misclassified as exempt from overtime pay. Workers performing as full-time employees are misclassified as independent contractors. Once we expose these errors and violations, a wide range of rights to additional compensation starts to come into focus, and the back pay you recover can be substantial.

Examples of the kinds of employee compensation issues we handle include:

  • Inaccurate wage and hour calculations
  • Employer’s failure to provide wage statements
  • Unpaid wages in proper amounts or when due
  • Violations of California minimum wage laws
  • Late payment at separation, whether by resignation, layoff or firing
  • Uncompensated or denial of regular meal and rest breaks
  • Unpaid sales commissions and commissions not included in overtime rate
  • Failure to reimburse employees for work related expenses
  • Illegal wage deductions and payroll errors
  • Improper practices concerning vacation pay and time off

Our lawyers represent individuals and employee groups in a wide range of industries: financial services, insurance, home health care, high tech, retail or commission sales, manufacturing and assembly, restaurants, hotels and many others. We represent both salaried and hourly employees, and we know which industries and occupations are especially notorious for unfair compensation practices.

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