Bonuses, Tips, and Gratuities

Keep Your Boss Out of the Tip Jar!

In California, employers are not permitted to:

  • take or receive tip money left for an employee
  • share or keep any portion of gratuity left for or given to one or more employees by a customer
  • make wage deductions based on tips or gratuities
  • use tips or gratuities as credits against compensation wages for one or more employees


A Bonus Plus Overtime Hours Means More Money for You

Bonuses based on a percentage of production or some other incentive must be accompanied by overtime at the same time as the other wages paid for that pay period. At the latest, the bonus can be paid during an employee’s next natural pay cycle. If an employee works overtime hours to obtain the bonus, it may be necessary for the employer to pay a premium rate on the bonus.


Unpaid Bonuses, Tips, or Gratuities? Call 800-568-8020

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