Multiple Class Action Suits Filed Against McDonald’s by Fast Food Workers

Earlier this month, multiple class actions were filed in California, Michigan and New York against McDonald’s alleging that the fast-food giant is systematically stealing employee wages. Fast food workers filed the class action lawsuits against McDonald’s and some its franchisees claiming widespread wage theft that was accomplished by forcing employees to work off the clock, shave hours off time cards, and refusing to pay overtime.

McDonald’s executives are currently reviewing the allegations made in the lawsuits. The company claims that they (and their franchisees) are committed to fully investigating the claims and providing appropriate actions in response to any problems discovered.

These class action lawsuits are one more in a string of actions taken by fast-food workers protesting their pay. Many are paid minimum wage.

As recently as December, workers protesting minimum wage staged an extensive protest throughout the US. They were demanding that the federal minimum hourly wage be raised from the current $7.25 to $15.00. McDonald’s responded to protests by pointing out that their jobs provide workers with opportunities for advancement, competitive pay and benefits. A McDonald’s spokesperson also indicated that the company invests in training and professional development in order to aid workers in learning skills that are practical and transferable in business.

Experts agree that this string of actions being taken by fast-food employees upset with their wages, lack of overtime pay, etc. will continue.

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