Class Action Litigation

Class action lawsuits are unitary and representative proceedings that involve large numbers of claimants. The overall benefit of class action litigation is that it conserves the resources of not only the parties involved, but also the courts. Since class action lawsuits eliminate unnecessary duplication of similar claims, they essentially promote judicial effectiveness. In addition, in the mass tort context, class action is regarded as the most fair and speedy procedure for disposing of claims.

Even though class action lawsuits promote effectiveness, they are usually extremely complex and call for more judicial oversight than other types of litigation. An intrinsic part of class action litigation is the potential for conflicting interests to exist among the absent class members, class counsel, and class representatives. Thus, both the named class representatives and the class counsel hold responsibilities to the absent class members. It is obligatory for the named class representatives and their attorneys to protect the interests of the class members that are absent.

Class action litigation must always defend individual rights and interests. If an absent class member is inadequately represented by the named plaintiffs, they will not be bound to a judgment.


Join an Employment Class Action Lawsuit

If you have a legitimate claim against your employer for violating federal and state employment laws, you are probably not alone at your company. By joining an employment class action lawsuit, you can add your voice to many other co-workers facing the same problem.


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