California Labor Laws 

Our employment law attorneys have significant experience handling issues involving California labor laws

Overtime Pay Laws

Our overtime lawyers have obtained over $150 Million in Awards for California employees

Wage & Hour Laws

Our wage and hour attorneys take on cases to help employees recover unpaid wages and benefits

Exempt Employees

Contact our overtime attorneys today to find out if you are exempt vs. non-exempt from overtime

Contractor Laws

If you think that your employer has mistreated you as a contractor we can help


Our labor lawyers focus on claims involving wrongful termination laws in California and can help you make a claim.

Job Discrimination

Discrimination based on age, race, gender or other protected class is strictly prohibited

Employer Retaliation

If you were fired or demoted in retaliation for making a claim you may have a valid lawsuit

Other Labor Laws

Our employment lawyers focus on all other types of employment law issues for employees