Unpaid Sales Commissions

Sales Employees Have a Right to Full Compensation

Outside and inside sales professionals are generally exempt from state and federal wage and hour laws because most of their pay comes from commissions. Some California employees, however, are misclassified as exempt sales personnel so that their employers can avoid paying overtime, allowing meal and rest breaks, and recognizing other rights afforded to non-exempt employees.

With a statewide practice, our employment lawyers analyze and evaluate unpaid sales commissions and other compensation claims from various perspectives. At the outset, we consider whether the employee classification as exempt is accurate. If we find that you are a bona fide sales professional working under a properly defined commission structure, we can protect your interest in the accurate calculation and collection of unpaid sales commissions. Because of the time lag that can occur between booking a sale and collecting the commission, many problems with unpaid sales commissions can arise at the time of separation from a company, whether by resignation or termination.


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Contact the California employment law firm of Blumenthal, Nordrehaug & Bhowmik for a free consultation about your right to full compensation as a commissioned sales professional or customer service representative. Our employment law attorneys in Los Angeles or labor lawyers in San Francisco can advise you about the best ways to recover commissions, out-of-pocket business expenses, overtime pay, and other compensation you’re entitled to receive upon resignation or termination. If it appears that you were terminated in an improper attempt to deny you a substantial commission, we can pursue other legal remedies for you as well.