Whistleblower Protection

Legal Protection from Retaliation after Reporting a Problem at Work

Under California law, employers are forbidden to retaliate against their employees for reporting company wrongdoing. Whistleblower laws are meant to encourage people to report illegal conduct or regulatory violations without concern for employer retaliation.

Different kinds of protection are available for employees who report misconduct on the part of their employers or individual managers and supervisors. The specific protection from retaliation that you’re entitled to depends on the facts of your case, the state or federal statute that applies to the situation, and the nature of the threat that you’re concerned about.

Examples of the kinds of employer misconduct that could trigger whistleblower protection include:

  • Fraudulent accounting or financial reporting practices
  • Neglect and cover-up of workplace health or safety violations
  • Intentional or inadvertent violations of overtime or wage and hour laws
  • Tolerance of sexual harassment or discrimination
  • Coercion to testify in a particular way in administrative hearings or civil litigation


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