The Rainmaker Retreat

A few weeks ago Jon Zacharias from our office attended the Rainmaker Retreat in Las Vegas. The event was transformative and enlightening, he said. But most importantly, he came back with information that will forever change the way our law firm operates.

Rich Strauch from the Rainmaker Institute taught him how to create systems that run the law firm. Technology coupled with the Rainmaker's valuable information makes these systems beyond attractive for law firms. Instead of the people running the law firm, it is possible for a system to keep track of everything. Although our lawyers are smart, they are not smarter and more organized than a computer.

In addition, the Stephen Fairley of the Rainmaker Institute shared his unrivaled knowledge of how to market a law firm. We now know some very effective expensive marketing secrets, as well as some very effective inexpensive marketing secrets.

In short, if you are a small law firm, regardless of whether or not your doing well, you want to go to this retreat. If your struggling, it will take your firm to the next tier. If your doing well,  it will take you to the next tier.