Technicians and troubleshooting Employees May Be Entitled to Overtime In California

Employees in technician positions performing services in the field that have been given titles like "field technician", "service technician", 'technician'', "service engineers", "service professional", "customer service engineer", or "installation and customer solution engineers" may be exempt from overtime under the California labor code despite the fact that the employer classifies them as exempt.

The duties that are performed by these technician employees primarily involve
the day to day labor to maintain, repair, troubleshoot, build and monitor equipment for their employer. The duties for these employees also sometimes require the performance of non-office, manual labor, including but not limited to carrying, lifting, bending and repairing, and the physical installation and maintenance of security, computer, electrical, software, and/or hardware components and parts. As a matter of course, technical problems often arise with this equipment at all hours of the day and at all hours of the night.
Responding to these problems and maintenance demands are not only performed throughout the normal workday, but also pursuant to an on-call policy in many cases. These employees may still be responsible to respond to calls and perform troubleshooting work to resolve the problems at issue during specified on-call work hours. All of these job duties performed by the technicians are non-exempt job duties under California law and federal law. In many cases, these technician employees perform these functions, and all duties, according to established company policies, protocols, and procedures.