Employment Lawyer Hiring Guide

Employees need to hire employment law attorneys for many different reasons. This post discusses three major factors that workers must consider and know about before hiring a labor law attorney for actions involving: unpaid overtime wages, wrongful termination, workplace discrimination, sexual harassment and all related types of violations of the law.

The first and most important factor that workers must consider before hiring an employment law attorney is whether or not the employee has enough money to pay for an attorney. If workers do not have enough money to pay an attorney hourly, he or she is not out of luck because many California employment law firms take work related employee rights lawsuits on a contingency fee basis.

The second factor that workers must consider when hiring a labor law attorney is whether or not the law firm has a record of successfully litigating employment related lawsuits and cases. Although a winning record does not guarantee that the law firm will win any cases in the future, success tends to repeat itself and the firms that win cases against big companies tend to continue to win labor lawsuits.

The last factor that employees must consider is whether not they want to go forward with filing a lawsuit. Most labor and employment law attorneys in California limit their practices to filing lawsuits as opposed to providing employees with just legal advice. Employees should consider if they are prepared to file a lawsuit against the company prior to reaching out to an attorney.