"Good Cause" to Fire: Do Companies Need It?

According to California law, an at-will employment may be ended by both employees and companies at any time {without|with out|even if there is not| cause, for any or no reason. An at-will employment could also be terminated at any time, with or without trigger, for any lawful motive or no reason at all, assuming that there was no violation of public coverage involved.Just as an at-will employment may be terminated at any time, an at-will worker could also be demoted at any time; similar precept extends to an employer's unilateral change within the terms of employment, such as a wage reduction.

There is presumption of at-will employment if the employees and the companies have not made explicit oral or written agreement specifying size of employment or grounds for termination; nevertheless, such presumption may be overcome by proof that regardless of absence of specified time period, parties agreed that employer's authority to {fire|terminate|get rid of| could be restricted not directly, e.g., by requirement that firing be based solely on “good cause.” In employment context, elements apart from consideration and express phrases may be used to establish existence and content of employment agreement, including personnel policies or practices of employer, employee's longevity of service, actions or communications by employer reflecting assurances of continued employment, and practices of business through which employee is engaged

According to California law, undeniable fact that worker's supervisor received poor efficiency opinions didn't overcome presumption of at-will employment and form implied contract allowing termination solely upon displaying of excellent cause; employee and supervisor weren't equally situated, there was no showing that somebody in worker's place would stay employed given a number of and persevering with notes and comments of poor efficiency supplied to employee, and worker didn't argue he was aware of supervisor's efficiency evaluations earlier than or at time of termination.