How to Start Employment Discrimination Lawsuit

This guide provides information and resources for employees on how to sue their employer for violating wrongful termination laws, discrimination laws and other employment laws.

According to the California Labor Code, employees are presumed to work for an employer at-will
Pursuant to the at-will work law, the boss is authorized to discharge employees because of any reason, no reason, a good reason or a bad reason. However your boss cannot discharge your position due to the fact that the you engaged protected conduct. For example, a company cannot legally discharge an employees position due to the fact that the you filed a  wrongful termination claim. Terminating a Your work for this reason may be considered wrongful termination based on discrimination .

In the event that sue an employer based on a violation of wrongful termination laws, you are required to complete administrative prerequisites. First, employees must make a legal claim with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Once looking into the contentions about a violation of wrongful termination laws, the agency almost always sends you a “Right to Sue” Letter, which gives workers to hire an attorney.