California Employment Lawyer

California Employment Lawyer

Our California employment lawyers understand that companies violate employee rights and leave workers feeling like they have no where to turn for help. Employees throughout the state of California - from Los Angeles to San Francisco - have been relying on our employment law firm for over 30 years in lawsuits involving illegal employment law practices such as wrongful termination laws, discrimination laws, retaliation laws, overtime pay laws and many other types of Labor Code violations.

In the process of helping employees fight back against illegal employer practices, our California employment attorneys have obtained over $1.3 billion in settlements and judgements for workers throughout the state. Our employment lawyers take cases for employees only and work on a contingency fee basis, meaning employees never pay our attorneys a dollar unless we win money for you. Most importantly, we have helped millions of workers throughout California get back on their feet through individual and class action lawsuits.

3 Secrets About Hiring California Employment Lawyers

There are three important things that employees must consider before hiring a California employment attorney. First, the employee needs to understand how the law firm makes its money. On the one hand, an employee with resources and money may want to hire an hourly employment lawyer. On the other hand, an employee who lacks resources and wants to sue a big company for employment law violations may want to hire a contingency fee lawyer. The benefit of hiring a contingency fee employment lawyer is that the lawyers don’t make money unless the employee makes money and the attorneys are motivated to spend time and effort on the lawsuit.

The second important factor involves location. For example, employees may want to make sure that the California employment law firm they are hiring has a specific attorney in the same city as the employee who will be the lead attorney in the lawsuit. This allows employees to visit with the California employment lawyer in person for a free consultation and for the actual process of the litigation. While most matters can usually be handled over the phone, sometimes employees prefer to actually have a sit down meeting with their employment law attorneys.

The third important thing that employees must consider before hiring an employer lawyer in California is whether or not the firm has a good reputation. In litigation, there are never any guarantees of course. However, as a general rule, history tends to repeat itself and there is no special exception when it comes to hiring California employment lawyers. Employees may therefore want to review the employment law firms record of settlements and judgments to see if the firm has won any big cases. An employee may also want to read reviews about the California employment lawyers to assess whether the firm is known for providing its clients with excellent customer care.