Employer Response to the Recession Not in the Employee’s Favor

During the recent recession, employees and employers alike were pushed right to the edge. In the aftermath, new trends emerged. Americans found themselves working longer hours – usually for the same or less pay than before the recession hit. This could be seen as logical due to the fact that employers laid off close to 9 million American employees during the recession.

The problem is that all the logic of this solution lies on the side of the employer. Many employees are now starting to strike back through their legal system. Since the recession’s peak in 2008, more employees are filing suit against their employers citing federal and state wage and hour laws. In 2012, the number of lawsuits filed was up 32% in comparison to 2008. Experts indicate that the massive rise in lawsuits filed is due in part to the post-downturn severity that permeated the workplace and created an artificial increase in productivity.

Some of the main grievances cited by workers’ filing suit included:

·      Being forced to work off the clock
·      Misclassification as exempt from overtime pay requirements
·      Misuse of smartphones/technology resulting in constant disruption of personal time by “work” issues

If any of this sounds familiar. You may need to look a little bit closer into your work situation. You could be one of the many Americans struggling for success in a work environment that makes success nearly impossible.

If you find yourself working longer hours with less pay get in touch with the experts at Blumenthal, Nordrehaug & Bhowmik today. You may need some expert advice to get your career back on a healthy track.