Remember the Raiderettes: Get Appropriate Compensation for Your Work

Employees across the nation should take a page from the Raiderettes this year. When the cheerleaders felt that they weren’t being fairly compensated for their hours, their overtime, business expenses, etc. they didn’t just keep smiling and cheering their team on. They kept smiling, cheering their team on and filed a class action lawsuit against the Raiders.

In addition to above cited failures, the class action lawsuit also claims that the Raiders failed to provide their cheerleaders (The Raiderettes) with appropriate meal/rest breaks. According to court documents, Raiderettes are paid $1,250 per season. When hours worked are taken into consideration, this amounts to less than $5.00/hour. Every Raiderette is required to sign a contract that states they will receive their compensation at the end of the season and that their compensation will be subject to fines.

As a result of the filing of this class action lawsuit, any Raiders cheerleaders from the past four seasons can now come forward seeking damages. In the typical season, the Raiders employ an average of 40 cheerleaders. That means the Raiders’ off-season legal problems are likely to grow. If the court rules in favor of the Raiderettes, any cheerleader on the most recent season’s squad could be awarded lost wages and penalties. Cheerleaders from previous seasons joining the class action lawsuit could be awarded lost wages.

Experts considering details of the case indicate that the subpar treatment of cheerleaders is not limited to the Raiders; it appears other cheerleading squads across the NFL may have similar complaints. They are being encouraged to come forward.

If you find yourself in a situation with less than adequate compensation for job duties expected, unreimbursed expenses incurred as a result of your job, or unpaid overtime - get in touch with the experts at Blumenthal, Nordrehaug & Bhowmik today. Class action lawsuits aren’t just for cheerleaders.