Severance and Release Agreements

Don’t Sign Anything Until You Have Talked to Us

If you are leaving a company and have an option to sign an employment contract such as a severance or release agreement, we have strong advice: don’t do it without consulting a lawyer first. Businesses use severance agreements to protect themselves in a variety of ways. The truth is they really don’t care that much about protecting the rights or futures of their employees. Often, release contracts are loaded with illegal and one-sided provisions designed to restrict employees’ rights on the job market, while paying employees as little as possible to ensure business interests are protected. In fact, many of these agreements are in violation of wage-and-hour laws.


Free Consultation ▪ Extensive Experience ▪ Maximum Compensation

The attorneys of Blumenthal, Nordrehaug & Bhowmik in La Jolla, California, have been representing employees in class action litigation against their former employers since 1999. We have an excellent record of protecting our clients’ rights and financial interests in matters relating to severance packages, release agreements and employment contracts.

Talk to one of our experienced employment law attorneys before you sign. Contact us today. We can help you understand what is included in the employment contract you’re signing and how it will affect your future. With our vast knowledge of employment laws and labor laws, your matter will be handled professionally and with great care.

We will examine your agreement and explain:


  • Your capacity to seek work in your chosen profession
  • Your final severance payout
  • Tax consequences
  • Independent contractor status
  • Language about your performance on the job
  • Your independent use of trademarks, copyrights and intellectual property

Can You Be Part of a Class Action Lawsuit?

In many cases, companies that ask employees to sign and accept illegal severance packages and separation agreements are following illegal policies. If you are the first plaintiff to step forward and start a class action lawsuit against your employer, you may be eligible to receive other compensation in addition to a settlement or jury award.

Don’t sign an employment contract or accept anything without knowing how it will affect your long-term prospects. Contact us to discuss the severance package you’ve been offered. Our lawyers represent employees in class action lawsuits against employers in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, San Francisco and Santa Clara, and throughout California.