Anti-Discrimination Lawsuit Filed by Transgender Corrections Officer vs. California

Anti-Discrimination Lawsuit Filed by Transgender Corrections Officer vs. California.jpg

Meghan Fredrick, a transgender corrections officer, notified her superiors at California State Prison in Sacramento of her declaration over five years ago. Yet in the ensuing years, the discrimination has only gotten worse. Her workplace, often referred to as New Folsom Prison, has seen incessant discrimination in the form of name calling, harassment, etc. Fredrick tried filing official complaints against the sergeants, lieutenants, and captains involved, but it hasn’t stopped. In fact, Fredrick states that the complaints never went anywhere. As a result, Fredrick has turned to the courts for resolution with an anti-discrimination and hostile workplace lawsuit listing the state prison system as the Defendant in the case.

Fredrick hopes to make the workplace a better place for other trans females, as well as other individuals who are a part of a minority group. Some say that the lawsuit is simply a fight over rude treatment, but Fredrick alleges that her life is now in danger. She alleges that the treatment has been obvious enough that the inmates at the prison have picked up on the fact the Fredrick is not respected and that she is becoming a target at a maximum-security prison. She claims that her superiors have intercepted multiple death threats in order to keep them from reaching her.

Which she finds to be extremely irresponsible since inmates at the prison can be extremely violent. She feels that to fail to inform her of a death threat is the worst move a supervisor could make. Fredrick claims physical and mental distress as a result of isolation in her work unit, but she refuses to give up and quit her job. She states that she wants to be identified as a woman, not a transgender woman, but that someone has to take a stand when the department won’t accept definitions that have been written into law.

She refuses to be bullied out of her chosen career and insists she will continue to work effectively and proudly.

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