Software Engineers

Employment Law Lawyers Committed to Protecting Software Engineer Labor Rights


Our California-based employment law firm focuses on protecting the wage-and-hour labor rights of technology and computer systems workers such as system software engineers. In particular, our attorneys have the resources and experience to help software developers, engineers and programmers who follow company guidelines while performing these types of job tasks:


  • Install or repair general computer systems applications software
  • Troubleshoot and setup internet connection, computer games, business applications, operating systems, network control systems, and middleware
  • Provide customer support or work on the help-desk
  • Test and track software applications
  • Research and write reports on software
  • Data entry
  • Clerical Labor
  • Other repetitive work


At Blumenthal, Nordrehaug & Bhowmik, our California wage-and-hour lawyers focus on representing software and applications developers, engineers, programmers and technicians in labor lawsuits involving the collection of compensation for time spent:


  • Working more than 8 hour days or 40 hour weeks without extra overtime compensation
  • On-call or standing by waiting for the company to give you work
  • Troubleshooting during evenings off-the-clock or from home
  • Showing up to work on weekends and holidays
  • Performing installations and other tasks during meal breaks and rest periods

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Our employment law attorneys work with software programmers, engineers, developers and administrators throughout the state, including the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and San Diego. Take a look at the settlements and judgments we have obtained on behalf of computer workers just like you.

Our labor law attorneys understand that working in the computer industry can be difficult and strenuous, to say the least. Sometimes systems engineers are highly skilled workers but companies make them perform work that is repetitive, whereas other times systems engineers are beginners but tech companies place them in advanced positions where it is difficult to succeed. Being placed in the wrong position can create significant tension, which is why we invite systems engineers who have been wrongfully terminated or otherwise discriminated against to contact our office for free consultations.