Unfair Discipline or Demotion

Protecting Employees Against Unfair Treatment at Work Employers can sometimes unfairly single out particular workers for harsh treatment, difficult assignments, or unappealing transfers. In cases involving unfair discipline or demotion, our employment law attorneys investigate legal claims and remedies on an individual basis. We frequently identify signs of unfair discipline or demotion while investigating the facts of a worker’s claim of intolerable working conditions.


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At Blumenthal, Nordrehaug & Bhowmik, our employment law attorneys have developed a statewide reputation for successfully upholding the rights of workers to fair compensation and freedom from discrimination, harassment, and other unfair treatment at work. Our lawyers show employees a range of legal options for addressing a particular situation, and we pursue the strategy that makes the best sense in light of our client’s goals and circumstances. We know how to review personnel files and company policies in order to see whether one employee’s unfair discipline or demotion indicates any illegal motivation on the part of the employer. For additional information about your right to protection against unfair treatment at work, contact our employment law attorneys in San Diego, San Francisco or Los Angeles.