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Over $150 Million in Overtime Wages Recovered for Employees

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If your current or former employer violated your rights to overtime pay, contact an overtime attorney at Blumenthal, Nordrehaug & Bhowmik in California. With overtime law offices in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco, our labor lawyers have helped thousands of employees throughout the entire state recover backpay and penalties for overtime wage & hour violations. Our lawyers have significant experience and a proud track record of success in actions involving: 


Fair Labor Standards

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) provides double damages for employees when employers violate overtime laws     More>


California Labor Code

The California labor code requires overtime when employees work more than 40 hour weeks AND 8 hour days     More>


Unpaid Overtime

Failing to pay employees additional wages for working overtime is illegal and can lead to big liability for companies     More>

Working Off The Clock

Failing to pay employees for overtime hours worked off the clock violates California labor laws and the FLSA     More>


Regular Rate of Pay

Employers frequently violate overtime laws by miscalculating the employee’s regular rate of pay for overtime.


Mandatory Overtime

While employers are allowed to enforce mandatory overtime, employees must be paid for all the hours worked at 1.5 x the rate.

Labor Board v. Attorney

Hiring an employment lawyer for your overtime claim is beneficial for many reasons, including damages available under FLSA.


Exempt vs. Non-Exempt

Contact our overtime attorneys today for free advice on whether or not your are exempt from overtime pay.     More>


California Salary Laws

The biggest misconception in California is that a salary means no overtime, because the key inquiry is all about the employee’s job duties.


OVER $150 MILLION In Overtime Awards for Our Clients

Our overtime attorneys have obtained over $150 million in awards for our clients in actions involving overtime pay wages, including: