Intolerable Working Conditions

Even workers who generally like their jobs will occasionally go through periods when they start to wonder whether they can stand their jobs for another day. This feeling usually passes. In some situations, however, the extreme stress of intolerable working conditions is neither temporary nor exaggerated.


Wrongful Termination Damages for Constructive Discharge

The legal doctrine of constructive discharge protects workers who need to endure conditions that a reasonable person would find impossible to tolerate. In essence, a successful constructive discharge claim establishes an employee’s right to quit an intolerable job and then collect damages for wrongful termination.

Even though it is not easy to establish a right to damages for constructive discharge, a lawyer’s advice can help you strengthen your case through proper documentation of the intolerable working conditions. Before quitting your job, it is critical to contact an employment law attorney. Constructive discharge is a high-risk legal strategy that depends on careful analysis of the facts of a specific situation. In other words, you can’t assess the strength of your case by yourself because you need to meet an objective standard of what constitutes intolerable working conditions. And if you guess wrong, you’re unemployed and ineligible for unemployment benefits.


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