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Labor laws protect employees from illegal payment practices at the hands of their employers. If you believe you are not being paid correctly for the time you have worked, you are probably not alone. Our lawyers handle class action lawsuits on behalf of employees throughout California. Join your voice with other wronged employees in a class action lawsuit.


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Blumenthal, Nordrehaug & Bhowmik helps employees throughout California fight unfair wages.Contact us to arrange your free initial consultation regarding any of the following labor law issues:


  • Unpaid overtime: Examples of unpaid overtime include expecting you to work off the clock, miss meals and breaks and misclassifying your job position as exempt.
  • Business expense reimbursement: Do you regularly pay for mileage, travel costs and supplies? You are entitled to full and timely reimbursement.
  • Wage-and-hour claims: We represent workers from occupations that include construction workers, sales people, office administrators and self-employed workers in wage-and-hour claims.
  • Independent contractor issues: Are you being restricted, despite your classification as an independent contractor?
  • Employment class action litigation: Are you being treated illegally at work? Chances are, you are not alone. In a class action lawsuit, your voice is joined with many.
  • Failure to issue accurate wage statements: If your employer has failed to issue accurate wage statements, you are entitled to recover monetary damages for every wage statement you have ever received from the company.
  • Hourly employees: Is your employer pushing the limits of hourly wage laws?
  • Illegal wage deductions: If your employer has made illegal deductions or unlawful withholdings from your paycheck, talk to us.
  • Job layoffs: You have rights, even after you have been laid off. Our attorneys can talk to you about the illegal way you were laid off or any adverse actions involving wages.
  • Minimum wage: Is your employer in violation of federal and state minimum wage laws? Our firm can help.
  • Salaried employees: As a salaried employee, you are not exempt from overtime laws.
  • Severance and release agreements: If your employer has drafted a severance package to their benefit rather than to yours, they may be doing it illegally.
  • Unpaid wages: You are entitled to timely payment of all your wages, including overtime pay.
  • Vacation pay and time off: Violations can include unpaid vacation, unpaid PTO (personal time off) and illegal wage deductions for authorized time off.
  • Waiting-time penalties: Did you know that under California law, if you leave your job involuntarily, your employer must pay you in full the day of your separation?
  • Employment law: Our firm also handles related employment law claims that can involve discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination.