Failing to Pay Wages at Employment Termination

If Your Employer Owes You, We Will Make Them Pay

Under California law, if you leave a company for involuntary reasons, your employer must pay you in full the day of your separation. You final paycheck must include all pay for reimbursed business expenses and unused vacation and time off. If you resign voluntarily, the waiting time for your final paycheck is not to exceed 72 hours.


Waiting-Time Penalties Are Serious

If your former employer has exceeding the waiting time for paying you all money owed, it might be following an illegal practice of delaying payments. There are other former employees who have the same legitimate legal issue.


Free Consultation ▪ No Attorney Fees Unless You Recover Compensation

Blumenthal, Nordrehaug & Bhowmik helps California workers fight illegal wage practices in class action lawsuits. We have a strong record of successfully fighting companies of all sizes. The time to step forward to talk to an experienced class action litigation attorney is as soon as your employer misses the required date. If you are the first to start a successful class action lawsuit, you may be entitled to receive a significant service award in addition to the compensation you are owed.


You Are Entitled to Earned Wages Plus a Waiting-Time Penalty

Contact us for a free consultation about the waiting-time penalty and any wages you are owed by your former employer. We focus on all wage and hour issues, including:


  • Unpaid wages
  • Vacation pay and time off
  • Severance and release agreements
  • Failure to issue accurate wage statements
  • Business expense reimbursement

Should You File by Yourself or as Part of a Class Action Lawsuit?

By starting or joining a class action lawsuit, you add your voice to others. The evidence for a favorable settlement or jury award is more powerful and the money damages are often increased substantially.

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