Failure to Provide Accurate Wage Statements

Issuing Inaccurate Wage Statements is Illegal

If your current or former employer has failed to issue accurate wage statements, it is a violation of California law. In fact, you are entitled to recover money damages for every inaccurate wage statement that you have ever received from the company.


Why a Class Action Lawsuit?

Workers with complaints against their employer for violations such as inaccurate wage statements are typically not alone at their company. Often, employers misrepresent withholding figures and vacation balances in order to cover up illegal withholdings and avoid paying overtime. By joining your claim with other workers, your claim may be taken more seriously by a judge and jury, and your employer will face sufficient financial consequences to make them cease the abuse.

If you are the first one to step forward to start a class action lawsuit, you are typically entitled to receive an additional service award. Our lawyers have an excellent record of helping our clients get maximum service awards and settlements for their claims.


Free Consultation- No Attorney Fees Unless You Recover Compensation

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